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Biden to Pause New Solar Tariffs While Also Moving to Boost Domestic Production

Moving the country away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy is one of President Biden’s top goals. However, a legally required trade investigation in response to a complaint has caused some issues. Auxin Solar, a solar panel manufacturer in California, filed a complaint alleging that China was illegally circumventing existing tariffs by moving their […]

Dominion Customers Expected to See Rate Increase

As gas prices continue to soar, consumers are wondering when electricity rates will follow. According to News 2, Dominion Energy customers could start seeing a price increase come May. Dominion Energy recently requested the Pubic Service Commission of South Carolina’s approval to increase rates. The utility company is citing rising natural gas, oil and coal […]

Solar: The Fastest Growing Source of Electricity in 2021

Driving around your neighborhood may be looking a little different these days. Many homes have adopted solar energy to replace their utility company. According to the latest review from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, solar is the fastest growing source of electricity. The review included data through December 31, 2021. Solar energy increased by 25.23% […]

Choosing a Solar Company That’s Trustworthy

               Solar energy has become more and more prominent recently. This is largely to do with the great federal and state incentives that are given to those who qualify. Unfortunately, choosing the right solar company to work with can be daunting. Some companies have taken advantage of customers and mislead them into a nightmare. Jim […]

White House Continues to Create Clean Energy Plans

The last administration started a huge push towards a green future for our country. The Trump administration greenlit the biggest US solar power project in 2020. The Biden administration has continued to push for this and made it clear that they would like to be carbon neutral by 2050. They have continued to support the […]

Winter Storms Cause Power Outages on the East Coast

Have the most recent winter storms left you and your family without power? We can help with that. Last week high winds and rain caused power outages in over 390,000 Dominion homes causing families to lose power throughout the east coast. Duke Energy reported around another 180,000 customers without power in North Carolina and South […]

Biden Orders Federal Government To Become Carbon Neutral By 2050

Scientists have proven that climate change is happening and the world needs to limit greenhouse gasses. This has been denied by some presidents and attested to by others. Recently, we have seen a large shift in government orders starting to push the American people towards a more sustainable future. President Joe Biden just signed an […]


Everyone has seen a home or business covered in solar panels but do you know how they work exactly? The solar panels are just one small part of the complex process that is used to harness the suns power into electricity for our homes. There are 5 key steps in producing solar energy. The Sun […]

Biden Announces Potential Extension to Solar Tax Incentives

On August 17th, 2021 the Biden Administration released an Issue Brief on solar energy research, deployment and workforce. In this brief, there is a discussion about extending the solar ITC to help reach clean energy goals by 2035. So what exactly does this mean? Let’s talk about clean energy tax credits. Incentives: One of the […]