Driving around your neighborhood may be looking a little different these days. Many homes have adopted solar energy to replace their utility company. According to the latest review from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, solar is the fastest growing source of electricity.

The review included data through December 31, 2021. Solar energy increased by 25.23% in the past year! Wind power grew 12.37% compared to 2020. Combined, solar and wind grew by 15.96% and accounted for 13.05% of US electrical generation. Moreover, wind and solar combined account for 62.08% of renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources also expanded their lead over nuclear power, providing 12.5% more electricity than the nation’s nuclear power plants. Natural gas remained as the top source of U.S. electrical generation with a 37.82% share. This is down from 40.12% in 2020.

Longer-term trends suggest the acceleration of power by renewable energy sources, thus displacing coal and nuclear power. EIA expects renewable energy sources to jump from 15.96% to over 22% by the end of 2022. If this occurs, it would exceed that of coal and nuclear power.

The huge transition to solar is largely due to the government’s push to do so as well as the potential to save money on power. The federal government is now giving incredible tax incentives to encourage homeowners to make the switch. We will only continue to see the percentage of homeowners with solar increasing in the future.

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