Solar energy has become more and more prominent recently. This is largely to do with the great federal and state incentives that are given to those who qualify. Unfortunately, choosing the right solar company to work with can be daunting. Some companies have taken advantage of customers and mislead them into a nightmare.

Jim and Beth Rickenbaugh had seen home after home add solar panels in their area and resisted for years. The benefits of solar, like the low energy bill, made them investigate it time and time again. However, the price seemed too steep for them to take on.

In 2016, Power home Solar visited their home and offered a system for no up-front cost. Power home also promised they would just have to make monthly payments for the panels. They were adamant these payments would be no more than the savings on their electricity bill from Duke Energy.

In 2017, Jim and Beth agreed to pay 15,000 for the system and signed on the dotted line. They then waited for their energy bill to plummet. Until it didn’t… Now the Rickenbaugh’s has two bill. A bill for the solar panels and a bill from their utility company for electricity. Their formal complaint says, “Power Home’s executives designed its sales process to intentionally mislead customers into believing they would experience a guaranteed drop in their energy bill”. Interviews with over 12 other homeowners show the Rickenbaugh’s were not the only ones.

 While solar panels do save many homeowners money, it doesn’t ALWAYS make sense. Therefore it is key to work with solar professionals you can trust. Here at Second Sunrise, we always show our clients all options. We will even tell you not to use our services if it is not going to save your family money.

Second Sunrise Solar is a local, family-owned company. Our team strives to make our clients happy and do the best work we can. We try and walk our clients through the process as easily as possible, holding their hand the entire way. Second Sunrise Solar works with great installers and consistently check on your solar panel array to make sure things are running correctly. Our team is here to maximize the benefits for you.

If you have been interested in solar but are not sure who to trust, look no further. Give us a call at 843-606-4512 to see if solar even makes sense for you. You can also check out our many 5-star reviews here.