Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does solar cost?

    Homeowners are discouraged from looking into solar because of the common misconception of having a large out of pocket expense. Most people are unaware of the huge federal, state, and utility incentives available which make solar more affordable than ever before. Our solar pros will show you how you can go solar with $0 out of pocket. Not to mention significantly increasing the value of your house, you’ll find that solar today is really a “no-brainer” like all of your friends who have gone solar really say it is!

  • How much money will I save?

    We’ve found that people typically go solar to either save the environment or save money (**HINT – It’s more the latter. Shhhh!🤫) When you get your FREE home energy analysis with us, we will look at the many factors that can determine your potential savings. We will look at your home’s annual electricity consumption, roof space, sun exposure, natural shading, and any potential future additions. Our experts will determine which solar solution will save you the most money.

  • What are these "solar tax credits” & “incentives” you speak of?

    What makes going solar solar so affordable today is the fact that the federal government is still providing a huge tax credit which is pays for 26% of your entire solar project. Keep in mind, the Federal ITC (Investment Tax Credit is set to step down to 22% in 2021, then will completely go away if you’re not installed by 2022 so we highly urge you to look into solar sooner rather than later. Additional rebates and incentives may also be available depending on the state you live in and utility company you use.

  • What maintenance do solar panels need?

    We like to think as solar as one of those “one and done” type projects. All of our panels come with 25-year product & performance warranties as well as an extensive 10-year workmanship warranty on your roof. We stand firmly behind the quality of our installs which are carefully engineered and built to last in order to insure you never have to worry. We’ve got you covered.

  • I’m worried about my roof. What if I need a new one?

    We pride ourselves on providing the best quality installs for our homeowners. In order to insure those installs and provide that 10-year workmanship warranty, if we feel the integrity of your roof is not up to our standards, we will show you how you can go solar and get a brand new roof with $0 out of pocket and utilize the federal tax credit accordingly.

    (Fun Fact: Solar panels have been seen to prolong the life of roofs since they act as another layer and protect from the natural elements such as rain, snow, hail, and the sun.)

  • What is Net Metering (NEM)?

    When you go solar, instead of pulling power from the grid, you are producing power right on your roof. Any of the excess power you don’t use will roll your meter backwardsand be sent back to the grid and stored for you to use during the night and in low producing Fall & Winter months.

  • How do I store my solar energy?

    If your local utility offers Net Metering, all of your excess power produces during the day is sent to back to the grid. Another way to store your power is with a home battery system, Our solar experts can work with you to see if a battery will make sense for your situation.

  • What happens when the power goes out?

    When the power goes out in your area, as a safety protocol, the utility company cannot have you sending power back to the grid if their workers have to repair on the lines. To provide you with some peace of mind, we recommending pairing your solar panels with a home generator or battery backup system.

  • What happens if I sell my house and move?

    All of our solar programs are completely transferable to your home’s potential buyer. Zillow and Berkeley have both put out research reports showing that having solar on your home increases the value significantly and can help you sell it WAY faster. You can either pay off the system when you sell your home and have the solar pay for itself or you can transfer the program to the new homeowner. Who wouldn’t want to buy a house buy a house with FREE electricity?

  • What happens if it’s cloudy?

    It’s a pretty simple concept, the more sun your panels have, the more power they produce. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your solar panels just stop working on those dreary overcast days we get every now and then. Panels will still produce power from the photons that are present in natural daylight. We cannot forecast the weather but our design team account for the last 10 years of average weather patterns to formulate the best solar production report for your home.

  • Can I have solar if I am part of an HOA?

    Home Owner Associations today are seeing solar as a way for their residents to reduce their energy costs and some states have implemented ‘Solar Access Laws’ which prohibits HOA’s from preventing from going solar. There may be some restrictions on where certain arrays can be placed but Second Sunrise Solar will work closely with your HOA by providing technical data, manuals, and engineering sheets as a service to all our homeowners.

Take Advantage of all the Savings by going Solar!

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