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Thousands of homeowners across the United States have made the smart choice of going solar. With the current federal incentives, solar is an easy yes. Not only will solar save you thousands every year but now those who qualify also receive money back in the form of a tax credit. So while contemplating the decision, you may wonder what is the process?

With Second Sunrise Solar we make it as as easy as possible. We start out with a consultation. During this call with one of our team members we learn a little about your property and also try and find out why you are considering putting panels on your home. Whether its to help the environment or strictly to help the bank account, solar improves quality of life. The consultation call that can start the process of you saving thousands usually only takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Once we have a bill and are able to see how much power you use in a year, we send all of the information off to our engineering department. They then use this information to come up with your personal solar system. The engineers check out your roof and ensure that it will support the panels we intend to install. We can also always add a battery system if you choose to do so. This gives the luxury of always being able to have power even in the event of a blackout of power outage.

Next, our team works on getting everything permitted. There are several permits needed to add panels to your roof. When you go solar with us, we handle all of the hard parts in the permitting process. Whether it be with you HOA or the city, we get everything sorted.

After permits are settled, its time to get those panels mounted. We always work with trustworthy installers that we vet to ensure this is done the right way and everything is working correctly. With solar panels now covering your roof, your close to making your own power.

Lastly, is the big switch. Our team gets a member from your town government to do an inspection. Once they have given us the green light and ensure everything is looking good it is time for grid interconnection. A representative from your utility company will come by your home and do their own evaluation. As soon as they give the okay, your panels will go live and you will be producing your own power on site.